To register for events with Columbia River Kayaking please call 360-747-1044 or email us.

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Registration, Deposit, and Refund

To register, call CRK at 360-747-1044 or email VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards are accepted, as are checks that clear before the class date.

One- and two-day events require full fee at time of registration. Registration fee is refundable minus $20 processing fee until 14 days before the event. From 14 days to 7 days before the event refund will be half of total, no refunds will be given after 7 days unless your spot fills. If your spot fills, you may have a refund minus $20 processing fee. Rescheduling is encouraged.

Please arrive 15 minutes to half an hour before your lesson or tour, and allow that it may run over by up to an hour.


Skill Level Rating

based on BCU star awards

Level I programs are generally scheduled for mornings or days with little tidal movement, or in protected lakes or creeks. No experience necessary.

Level II tours may experience light wind (8kts), small waves (1'), or moderate current (1kt). Level 2 tours build on the basics introduced at level 1. Calm capsize and reentry experience is required.

Level III programs take advantage of afternoon wind (15kts, waves 2-3') or greater tidal action (2kts).

Level IV programs require well-refined paddling skills as they venture into surf, strong wind, or dramatic current. They may require or build navigation skills, and contain strong elements of group interdependence.

What to Bring--Day trips

One quart plastic water bottle (full)
Lunch for full day events, snacks
Sunscreen and lip protection
Sunglasses with strap
Hat for rain and sun
Paddling jacket or rain jacket
Non-cotton shirts (2) for layering (wool, pile, polypro, other synthetic)
Non-cotton pants (nylon, wool, spandex, fleece)
Eyeglass strap
noseplugs (optional)
Sandals with heel strap or neoprene booties, or tennies that can get wet
Wool or fleece socks
Swimsuit (optional, but makes a quick-drying under-layer)
Change of clothes for the trip home
Wetsuit if you have one
Gloves for blister protection (optional)
Drybag if you have one
Camera, film, binoculars

The Other Months:
Drysuit if you have one
More and warmer non-cotton layers
Shatterproof thermos with hot drink
Warm paddling gloves or pogies

Evening and Moonlight Paddles:
Flashlight or headlamp
Warm non-cotton clothes

Wetsuit, paddling jacket, and pogies available

Custom Lessons and Tours

4-7 hours levels 1 to 3 private 1 person $250 plus kayak & gear $30
semi private 2 people $175/per plus kayak & gear $30/per
3 people $150/per plus kayak & gear $30/per
group 4-12 people $125/per includes kayak and gear
by the hour levels 1-3 private 1 person $75/hr plus kayak & gear $20
semi private 2 people $60/hr/per plus kayak & gear $20/per
4-7 hours level 4 private 1 person $300 plus kayak & gear $30
semi private or group 2-8 people TBA
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