Oregon Coast Sea Kayak Expeditions

photo by Jonathan Walpole

There are places known only to seabirds and perhaps the ghosts of shipwrecked sailors.
And to a few bold, skilled sea kayakers.

These are the headlands, cliffs, sea caves, and hidden beaches of the Oregon Coast.

The Oregon Coast is not a place to take lightly. Pacific Ocean surf, rapidly changing weather, and extremely rugged, remote headlands make it a dangerous place. They also make it a stunningly beautiful, wild place. A place to test one's skills and one's inner fortitude. A place to find dramatic inspiration.

A place to train for and explore
with a well-practiced team
of experienced sea paddlers.

Go Coastal!

Expedition: Seaside to Pacific City in 4 days

We ran this trip in 2009, and would do it again if Oswald West would reopen their campground.
Meanwhile, we still offer day trips for the segments of this spectacular stretch of coast.

Day 1. Seaside to Oswald West State Park. 18NM. Offshore rocks and sandy beaches punctuate this scenic paddle. Round Tillamook Head and pass Haystack Rock (one of them) and the absolutely unique Cape Falcon. Camp at a great surfing beach.

Day 2. Oswald West to Tillamook Bay. 15-20NM.
The jewel of the northern coast. Sea caves, arches, world-class rock gardening. Scenic rocky coastline, some sandy beaches, Twin Rocks.

Day 3. Tillamook Bay to Cape Lookout State Park. 11-15NM.
Round Cape Meares and pass the seabird sanctuary Three Arch Rocks.
Approach to this valuable habitat is closed from between April 15 and September 15. Bring binoculars!

Day 4. Netarts to Pacific City. 12-13 NM.
Round Cape Lookout, a 2-mile finger of geology, marine biology, and ocean magic that protrudes into the Pacific. Low tide on the south side of the cape is an aquarium of anemonies, sea stars, and deep green water. Sea caves and rock gardening are terrific as well. Pass the other Haystack Rock.


Four-day Expedition Costs:
Includes BCU-certified 5-Star leadership, camping, shuttle & kitchen gear, and camping meals.
Kitchen duties will be shared.

What you will need to Go Coastal:
1. Personal boat handling skills comparable to BCU 4-star.
2. Practice with other Go Coastal participants in wind and surf conditions, demonstrating group awareness and responsibility.

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Experience the magic of the Oregon Coast - from the water!

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