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1. Find your starting level (or email us for recommendations) and choose classes. One-day programs are listed first, but you can start with multi-day programs.
2. Intersperse tours with classes to practice and receive feedback.
3. Progress to the next level.

Skill Levels

LEVEL I. Introduction in calm water. For first time paddlers and those who want to brush up on basic skills, we introduce boat control, safe capsize and wet exit protocol, deep water rescues and basic tidal planning and navigation.

LEVEL II. Move towards instinctive boat control. These programs also take place in fairly sheltered water, with minimal current and waves. Prerequisites: calm wet exit, plus 2 day trips; BCU 1-star, or ACA Introduction to Kayaking.

LEVEL III. Take your flat water boat control and rescue skills into "textured" water, with current and wind. Become a competent and reliable member of a group in dynamic water, someone that a trip leader could call on for assistance. Study safety and incident prevention in the Practical Navigation course. Prerequisites: BCU 2-star. ACA Level 2, or instructor approval.

LEVEL IV. Coastal surf, leadership, and more dynamic water. Contains strong elements of group interdependence. Surf landings, more advanced navigation, rock gardening, and incident prevention/management. Prerequisites: BCU 3-star, ACA Level 3, or instructor approval.

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