Introduction to Surf: Fear to Fun


If you want to paddle in the ocean, in most places along the west coast of North America, you're probably going to need to know how to traverse the surf zone, in order to safely get out to, and back in from the sea.

In this day-long course, we'll practice boat handling skills in the surf zone, both in and out of the kayak. Practice holding your position in different parts of the surf zone. Raise your awareness to your larger surroundings. Progress at your own pace towards being able to negotiate the surf zone with confidence and skill.

Our individualized approach fosters personal feedback after each short session, and sets up customized exercises for your next session. If you already have surf experience and want to be challenged more, we can do that, too.

You should have solid two star level boat handling skills, be dressed for immersion, with an appropriate helmet, and be "ho-hum" relaxed about a wet exit in any conditions. Leave the expensive sunglasses in the car for safekeeping. This is a fun class!

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