Kayak Sailing Weekend

two days, $225
instruction day only $125

Seen as safety features in Australia where the modern kayak sail was developed, sails provide auxiliary power and increased visibility. Sailing develops an understanding of wind and helps with mastering slicing strokes. It?s also a ton of fun!

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1. Instruction. Learn to raise and lower the sail, stow it efficiently, and use it to sail across the wind, paddle-sail up to 45-degrees upwind, and of course fly downwind. Catching wind-waves suddenly becomes easy! Practice a roll with a sail, and learn to modify a quick capsize recovery.

Day 2. Journey. Go somewhere with your sail! And a coach to help you sort out any challenges you come up with. This really brings the learning together?to immediately use the skills from the day before, and have fun with them.

Flat Earth Kayak Sails used for this class are authentic Australian sails which freely permit all paddle strokes, edging, and performance paddling. Rudders or skegs are optional but not necessary. The sail folds flush on the deck when not in use.

At CRK, suction-cup-mounted sails are available to attach to your fiberglass deck, or fleet kayaks are available for your use with sails pre-attached.

If you buy a sail from Flat Earth Sails on the day of your class, you can enjoy a 10% discount on the sail kit.

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