Practical Navigation

2 days- $250

A very practical course set among the islands of the tidal Lower Columbia River.

-Read a nautical chart, and relate it to what you see while you're paddling.
-Calculate tides, distance, and speed.
-Learn to pilot (follow a shoreline while keeping track of yourself on a chart) and dead reckon (calculate speed, direction and time).
-Locate yourself on a chart using only landmarks, or using a compass. Locate hidden campsites.
-Use landmarks around you to check progress or drift, and create ferry angles to compensate for cross current or wind.
-Create strategies for success if lost or stranded.

Do all of this while touring the islands of the Lewis & Clark National Wildlife Refuge! It's not magic; navigation really is a fundamental skill for those who paddle unguided in places beyond a corridor or a lake (even if you have a GPS). And it's fun!

Optional BCU Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning certification available.

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