Sea Paddler Training

2 days- $250
3 days- $350

Focus on boat control, safety, and planning in moving water such as surf, moderate current, wind waves, and clapotis. An excellent course for those aiming to paddle the open coast. Use various locations to refine skills in a number of different conditions.

Day 1. Paddle in tidal current concentrated through narrow areas, and in expansive waters where the effect can be more deceiving. Expect wind, wind waves, and the chop of wind against tide. Study chart, tide tables, and current tables. Plan a journey in waters with tidal current.

Day 2. Practice boat control in coastal surf. Expand awareness and comfort. Learn not only entry and exit strategies for launching and landing through surf, but also how to maneuver and play in the breakers.

Day 3. Paddle on a coastal journey that seeks to incorporate the variables studied on the previous days. Depending on ocean conditions and weather, this will probably be either at the mouth of the Columbia River or on the north Oregon coast.

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