Textured Water Workshop

$350, three full days

Did you know that the Lower Columbia River actually reverses direction with the tides?

From the open expanse of river to quiet tree-lined sloughs, use the variety of the Lower Columbia River to refine paddling skills. The venues offer opportunity to learn currents on a small scale, and on a mile-wide scale. To build confidence and instinctive reflex. ?To play in moving water.

We plan the Textured Water Training during a time of strong tidal movement, so we?re sure to have dynamic water to train with, plus the whimsical wind and the extra opportunities it gives us.

In this course, get to where you want to be, in terms of scenic kayaking, and personal development. We?ll take your goals, tweak the focus of our program to maximize your learning, and take it to the river. All of this in the natural beauty of the national wildlife refuges and rural hideaways of the Lower Columbia River.

Camping, lodging, restaurants, and a grocery store available nearby. (SBF will be available for camping $10/night)

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call 360-747-1044, or email to register.

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