Wind, Waves & Wescues

3 days $350

Get wet & wild in Wind Waves & Wescues! Sample Itinerary:

Day 1. Rescues & Towing. Begin with a safety checkup, and a little teambuilding. Review the basics, then troubleshoot more challenging situations in scenarios. In addition to being valuable experience, scenarios are loads of fun. Who doesn?t like acting out a little? Get some laughs with your learning, and the lessons stick better.

Day 2. Intro to Kayak Sailing. Once you?re comfortable paddling in modest whitecaps, kayak sailing is an excellent way to play with & understand the wind's effects on your boat. Slicing stroke, too, really shine when your momentum is unlimited. We have suction-cup mounts for use on your fiberglass kayak, or use one of our pre-rigged Nigel Dennis kayaks.

Day 3. Surf Play: Fear to Fun. Time to go coastal. Practice boat handling in surf zone, both in & out of the kayak. Through observation and kinesthetic experiences, become more aware of the forces acting on you and your kayak. Raise your eyes to your surroundings, breathe, relax, and hold position in different parts of the surf zone. See what skills work to your best advantage. Oh, and don?t forget to ride some waves!

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