Pillar Rock tour

$119, full day
approximately 11 miles

Brookfield, Bayview, Rockland, Glenella - the shores of the Columbia were once lined with river towns that are no longer. In the days when 39 salmon canneries were in operation on the Lower Columbia, these towns thrived. The shore through here is now wild, with cobble-covered coves tucked among dramatic basalt bluffs, or forested hillsides dropping steeply to the water's edge.

A few structures still stand, but lines of old pilings are often the only visible vestiges of the existence of whole communities that once bore canneries, mills, farms and homes. On this loop down river from Skamokawa you can get a feel for how this area was during its heyday and note how nature has reclaimed it since it was abandoned in the 1930s.

Pillar Rock itself is an ancient basalt feeder tube, rising 50' out of the river. Lewis and Clark camped on the shore nearby, and one of the three still-standing cannery buildings left on the lower river remains here.

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