Welch Island tour

$99, full day
approximately 7 miles

Welch Island is the upstream end of the Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge, directly across the river from our shop. We will time this trip with the tide so that we round the downstream end up the island right at low slack water, and then ride the incoming tide up the west facing side of the island. Bald Eagles, many ducks and white pelicans are often seen on this side of the island. We will paddle up Red Slough to our lunch beach on adjacent Tenasillahe Island, part of the Julia Butler Hansen National Wildlife Refuge.

We often see tracks from the threatened Columbia Whitetail Deer on this beach, as well as river otter tracks. If time and tide permit, we often take a short walk on the perimeter of the island after lunch, where we've seen whitetail deer, red tailed hawks and occasionally even western painted turtles. After lunch, we'll cross back over to the Washington side of the river, and back to our dock, either in the protected waters of Steamboat Slough, or on the outside of Price Island if conditions permit.

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