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June through September

One quart plastic or metal water bottle (full)
Lunch for full day events, snacks
Sunscreen and lip protection
Sunglasses with strap, and strap for eyeglasses, too
Hat for rain and sun
Paddling jacket or rain jacket
Non-cotton shirts (2) for layering
Non-cotton pants
Sandals with heel strap, neoprene booties, or shoes that can get wet
Wool or fleece socks
Change of clothes for the trip home
Wetsuit if you have one
Drybag if you have one
Camera and binoculars
Gloves for blister protection (optional)
noseplugs (optional)
Swimsuit (optional, but makes a quick-drying under-layer)

the other months

Drysuit if you have one
More and warmer non-cotton layers
Shatterproof thermos with hot drink
Warm paddling gloves or pogies

evening and full moon paddles

Flashlight or headlamp
Warm non-cotton clothes
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